Swathe Offshore

At Swathe Services we genuinely believe that ‘our people are our greatest asset’.  Quality of service, attitude towards work and responsibility for ones’ action are all key attributes I look for in my team.  My father always said that ‘if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly’, so that’s what I preach to all our surveyors, sub-contractors and anyone else who represents the Swathe Group.

However, we don’t just care about doing a good job, we also care about the people doing that job.

We back up our surveyors in the field with good solid support from the office but, in addition, the surveyors also back each other up too. We aim to broaden their capabilities through internal and external training, workshops and group activities so that we help build their careers making them better at what they do and keeping them fresh in our demanding and continually changing industry.

Through hard work and dedication we have managed to establish the Swathe Services brand as a company that offers high quality personnel and equipment for swathe bathymetry work.  We excel in operation of both multi-beam and interferometric swathe bathymetry systems.  We sell high quality products that are at the forefront our marine industry and through our representation of companies like R2SONIC and Valeport proves that they believe in our approach to business.

It is with this ethos that we have opened ‘Swathe Offshore’, a new division within the Swathe Group.  This division offers freelance personnel experienced in the use of Hydrographic and Geophysical equipment, who can deliver a broad spectrum of capabilities aimed at the offshore oil and gas, marine renewables and construction industries. 

Our aims are quite simple:

  • We want to bring back a sense of responsibility for the work that is undertaken by freelance personnel.
  • We want all our freelance personnel to realise that they are part of a family that cares about their work, their professionalism and above all their safety.
  • We want to set a bar of ‘quality of service’ that is so high that even we continually struggle to meet it.
  • And, we want our clients to understand that we care about their jobs and that we will only offer suitable candidates who can professionally meet their requirements with those high standards we set.

Be different, be professional, be a member of Swathe Offshore.


James Williams

Founder and Managing Director of Swathe Services

April 2013


For more information on Swathe Offshore or for current free lance opportunities please contact Matt King (Operations Coordinator): matt.king@swathe-services.com