Equipment Rentals

At Swathe Services we firmly believe in choosing the right equipment for the task in hand and pride ourselves in being able to offer a variety of marine survey equipment designed to obtain high resolution hydrographic survey data at maximum efficiency.

We can provide equipment alone or alongside highly qualified operators experienced with installation, calibration and operation. We have a wide and varied equipment pool which includes additional peripheral devices required to make up complete swathe bathymetry systems.

We know that not all jobs are the same and that you may be looking for a specific package of equipment not listed here. Please contact our operations division with your requirements and we will work with you to provide a complete solution.

Product Rentals

Hydrographic Surveyors Equipment Rentals

Multibeam and Interferometric Sonars

View R2SONIC 2024 400kHz

R2SONIC 2024 400kHz

The SONIC 2024 is the world’s first proven wideband high resolution shallow water multibeam echo sounder.

View SONIC 2020

SONIC 2020

The Sonic 2020 is the most compact high performance wideband shallow water multi-beam echo sounder, suitable for a wide variety of general mapping applications.

View R2SONIC 2024 700 kHz Ultra High Resolution

R2SONIC 2024 700 kHz Ultra High Resolution

The Sonic 2024 and Sonic 2022 can now be upgraded to provide extremely narrow beam widths at 700 kHz operation.

View GeoSwath Plus Swath Bathymetry Systems

GeoSwath Plus Swath Bathymetry Systems

Offering simultaneous swath bathymetry with side scan mapping its ideal for ultra-shallow bathymetry operations.

View SONIC 2022

SONIC 2022

The Sonic 2022 is a compact wide band shallow water multi-beam echo sounder, suitable for a wide variety of general mapping applications.

Positioning & Motion Compensation



iXBlue HYDRINS is a high performance inertial navigation system optimised for hydrographic surveys using multi-beam echosounders and is designed specifically to save on survey time.

View iXBlue ROVINS


ROVINS is a combined survey-grade full featured Inertial Navigation System (INS) for water depths up to 3,000m. Designed specifically for offshore survey and construction works

View TSS DMS-05


The workhorse of motion reference units for many years the DMS-05 is a proven and reliable product and can be deployed above or below the water.

View Scout Plus USBL

Scout Plus USBL

Scout USBL is a complete vessel based acoustic positioning system designed for tracking divers, ROVs and towfish.


View Hemisphere Crescent VS 100 GPS Compass

Hemisphere Crescent VS 100 GPS Compass

Ideal for professional machine control and navigation applications, the Crescent VS100 delivers reliable heading and positioning performance

Sound Velocity Profilers

View Valeport Monitor SVP

Valeport Monitor SVP

Providing exceptional digital time of flight sound velocity sensor and synchronised sampling technique

View Valeport Mini SVP

Valeport Mini SVP

A compact Sound Velocity Profiler featuring the acclaimed and unique “time of flight” SV sensor

View Valeport Mini SVS

Valeport Mini SVS

Using digital “time of flight” technology to provide the lowest noise, highest accuracy, best resolution sound velocity data available



Designed from the outset with the intention of a seamless workflow, the SWiFT SVP has integral GPS to geo-locate every profile.

Tide Gauges

View Valeport 740

Valeport 740

A compact, self contained tide gauge, ideally suited to hydrographic survey applications.


View Tritech PA500 Digital Precision Altimeter

Tritech PA500 Digital Precision Altimeter

Full digital synthesis of transmit and receive frequencies, together with greatly improved input dynamic range, offer unsurpassed levels of performance from a compact unit.


View QINSy


A user friendly turnkey solution, from survey planning to data collection, data cleaning, volume calculations and chart production.

View QPS QLoud


A fast and powerful data validation tool, used for cleaning and validating large data sets



Bringing together surveying, positioning and navigation into one flexible and user friendly programme

View GeoSwath Plus

GeoSwath Plus

A suite of software which covers full data acquisition, calibration, processing and DTM production of interferometric data.

View GeoTexture


A Side Scan Sonar Image Processing, Mosaicing, Texture Mapping and Classification software which has been designed to easily integrate with the GeoSwath Plus.