Simon was very good, he managed operations very well and interacted with the client at the appropriate level, I would not hesitate to have him back to fill a similar role. Our client has been very happy with the conduct of survey and timely delivery of data so the project is going very well and certainly support from you guys has been invaluable.

Managing Director, Precision Hydrographic Services

Mark did a very good job in initially difficult circumstances. We sourced a second Engineer but unfortunately his visa did not come through in time to participate, therefore a lot of responsibility fell on Mark and he coped well and the project was a success.

CEO, Coda Octopus Products Pty

I would like to thank you for assistance with this job, i have had very good reports about your work and look forward to working with you again soon.

Project Manager, Osiris Projects

They were a good company to work for and if I didn't have another job to go to I would have stayed for their next job. I will be happy to work with Swathe Services again.

Freelance Hydrographic Surveyor - 12 years experience, Swathe Offshore

We have been working with Swathe Services for many years now; Swathe Services providing us with equipment, training, surveyors and general support on a variety of jobs across 4 continents.
What distinguishes Swathe Services from their competitors is the capacity of the management to understand the needs of their customers, their in-house expertise, and their enthusiastic and highly committed surveyors.
Thanks to their professionalism they became a privileged partner for the Jan De Nul’s survey department.
Alex Steffen, Head of Survey Department, Jan De Nul Group

I would like to take this opportunity to say how much we have enjoyed Seb’s company, and to compliment him on his work. He is a dedicated, focused and meticulous worker who aims for the highest possible standard of production in everything he has undertaken, and has a great sense of humour - an essential requirement down here. In the short time he has been here, he has become a good friend to all of us working on these projects. So, many thanks for supplying us with Seb, and with luck, we hope to utilise his services in the future.

Paul Ellis, Hydro Products Ltd


I would like to give my appreciation for the job Swathe Services accomplished in Dunkerque. Simon did a wonderful job during one year and apart from getting more experienced himself, he taught us a lot too. He was not just a freelancer, but became a member of our group, showing flexibility when needed and due to his humour, the atmosphere in the group was very good too and it was a pleasure to work with him. Thanks a lot again for the good service and if we have to hire in freelance people,  I will not hesitate to give you a call or send you an email.

Eddy De Clercq, Survey Manager, SODRACO International S.A.S.


We were very impressed with the speed at which James became productive with the new software and systems he had to adapt to. He quickly became proficient, and ended up being the point of reference for the rest of us to question, especially with regards to LIDAR calibration processing and procedures.

Field Survey Manager, Blom Aerofilms


In terms of his performance, he has been a star.  Attitude and expertise both top class, with willingness to give anything a go (hence now learning an entirely new software package and way of processing..).  Very impressed.

Chief Surveyor, Nautronix 

Swathe Services in Adelaide have been invaluable to our work over the last 12 months.  They have provided expert guidance in setting up and deploying our new Geoswath system. They have also, often on short notice, provided support in field data collection and have processed much of our swath data producing quality end products for our Department and our clients. We look forward to a continued working relationship with Neil and his team into the future.

David MillerDepartment of Environment & Natural Resources


Thanks for your very professional support over the summer. I enjoyed working with you and hopefully we can increase this throughout 2013.

Dave Oakley, GeoSurv Ltd


The hydrographic data provided by Seb was of an excellent quality and well formatted making our work much easier.


We hope Nick got home safely and managed to get some well deserved rest. We would like to thank him once again for all his hard work, I had some great feedback from all onboard and I am sure we will be in touch with Swathe Services soon.

Fugro Emu


I would like to thank personally Elke, on behalf of iXSurvey managers and party chiefs for her involvement and availability during the job, we could clearly count on her support to lead the project which is not always the case with freelancers. 

David Vincentelli iXSurvey