Aaron Gavey

Manager, Jersey Coastguard & St Helier VTS | Ports of Jersey.

”Since procuring the Ports of Jersey’s MBES, we have been grateful for the huge amount of support from the team at Swathe Services. For us, one of the many selling points of Swathe Services was the flexibility of support offered without the burden of formal commitment to maintenance contracts or Service Level Agreements etc. This arrangement suited our scale of operation and has certainly served us well over the last 15 months or so.

Whether it be a quick phone call from the vessel to James or Matt to confirm a minor setting within the system, or a more prolonged communication with help and advice on survey project planning, nothing has been too much trouble. It has never felt like we have called at the wrong time, or are not a priority – which gives us confidence and reassurance knowing we have the backup when required.

An example of the service offered by Swathe was only recently whereby we had an issue with our INS system that we were unable to solve ourselves. Not only did the team spend a substantial amount of time on the phone and emails providing a workaround for the setup which enabled us to continue the survey, they also, without hesitation, sent their own system to us to allow us to remain operational whilst ours was sent off to the manufacturer. This was a fantastic gesture which we were very grateful for, and highlights the commitment to their customers, more than a year down the line from the initial sale.”

Mike Abbey 

Hydrographer – Humber | Associated British Ports

‘‘During our recent equipment issues the service from Swathe Services has been exemplary.
We received a loan projector within 10 days FOC and have used that one for 4 weeks whilst ours was repaired.
I have been assured that it would have been even quicker but another customer was using the Swathe demo 2024 and our loan unit had to be imported from Texas. Communication from our unit failing to receiving the repaired unit was excellent.
As a side note I have had paid maintenance agreements with other sonar manufacturers in the past.

When faults have occurred, the service was not even close to that from Swathe Services and R2Sonic.’’

Jim Powell Bsc CMarTech

Senior Surveyor Operations | Port of London Authority

‘’Since purchasing the R2Sonic 2024 back in 2016 the PLA have benefitted from excellent support services from the UK agent team at Swathe Services and have been impressed with the speed of replacement parts and systems when we have required them.

The “Can-Do” attitude of Swathe is what the PLA look for when selecting systems and suppliers and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with them.’’

Hydrographic Survey Multi-Beam training course –
Customer Testimonials

Sam Quilliam

Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor | ABPorts Southampton

“The course was well run and organised and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The time with Joe (Hypack) and Adrian (Applanix) was invaluable in being able to quiz them on issues we have.

We would also be Interested in attending any other courses to get experience with various processing/acquisition software packages to expand our experience but sub bottom processing would be of specific interest to me.”

Gabriel Walton,

Senior Hydrographic Surveyor | ADUS Deep Ocean

“Last week worked out great for me! Paid week on a training course with some great guys and a chance to discuss plans for hydrographic compatibility with new sensors in the market.

I’m totally sold by Hypack. It seems to fit the bill for some of the work we plan to do.”

Richard Clarke

Hydrographic Surveyor | Canals and Rivers Trust

“The course was very well organised. I particularly liked the evening entertainment as this allowed everyone to get to know each other better and to learn about each other’s surveying experience and how they were using multi-beam.
The content of the course was well thought out and I thought was as applicable to beginners as it was to long-term users.

“The teachers were excellent but particularly Joe (Hypack) who delivered, what could potentially have been quite a dry subject, with a wit and enthusiasm that made everyone take notice. Videoing the course was a good idea.”

Tim Long

Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor | Canals and Rivers Trust

“The training was the best I’ve been on and that wasn’t just down to the content from the swathe team (where nothing was too much trouble for Ben and Dan).

There were a good mix of experience in the class, which made it easier to learn, and the after-school activities where spot on with great food and great beer.”

Matt Hutchings CEnv

Director | EcoSpan

“‘Having used Hypack for over a year for multibeam surveys I was unsure whether the Swathe service training course would be of value to me.
However, from the start the high level of tuition from the vastly experience Hypack Hydrographer was invaluable.
Joe was able to answer all questions thrown at him and if Hypack was not capable of a particular function they were prepared to consider whether it should be added to future versions.
I pleased to say I learnt something useful every day of the course.
For me the practical benefit was clear when I returned to a multibeam survey that required a quick turnaround and was able to process the data in half the time it had previously taken.

So many thanks to James and the Swathe services team for delivering a course which has already proved very good value for money.”

Gwyn Jones

Lecturer in Hydrography | University of Plymouth

“James Williams annually provides swathe bathymetry lectures to BSc and MSc students on Hydrography and Ocean Exploration courses at the University of Plymouth.
His practical approach caters for all levels of experience and allows students to gain a valued grounding in how to get the best data from swathe bathymetry systems.

“These lectures, combined with the supply of survey equipment, field support and software training from Swathe Services, form the basis of assessed field operations and has proven to be excellent year on year.

This experience is well received by students, with presentations given by a more than able ‘presenter’, who will go that extra length to ensure that his class achieves the fullest understanding of the subject.”

Nichole Gassien

Hydrographic Surveyor | Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey Inc.

“Swathe Services have been invaluable to our work over the last 12 months.
They have provided expert guidance in setting up and deploying our new Geo-Swathe system.
They have also, often on short notice, provided support in field data collection and have processed much of our swath data producing quality end products for our Department and our clients.

We look forward to a continued working relationship with Neil and his team into the future.”

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