Swathe Services is recognised for its high quality training courses which are run by experienced hydrographic surveyors who have extensive knowledge and expertise gained from many years deployment in the field. We specialise in swathe bathymetry using interferometric technology and although the concepts for swathe and multibeam surveying are very similar, our in depth training ensures that new users are fully equipped to get the best out of the latest survey systems.

Our comprehensive training packages include basic theory, equipment setup and installation calibration, operation, sensible survey approach and practical advice on “do’s and don’ts “to get the best out of a system.

All of our courses can be tailor made to suit your requirements and run in house at a time and location of your choice, with up to six students attending. All students are provided with a copy of the presentation and training notes.

We have provided training for

The University of Plymouth, Marine Biological Association (MBA), Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey Inc, Libyan Navy, Rijkswaterstaat, TL Geohydrographics.

Comments from our latest training course:

ABPorts Southampton

Sam Quilliam, Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor

‘The course was well run and organised and I thoroughly enjoyed it although I personally could have spent one day on the boat, but this is dependent on your experience.

The time with Joe (Hypack) and Adrian (Applanix) was invaluable in being able to quiz them on issues we have and to show them anything that could be improved in Hypack.

We would also be Interested in attending any other courses to get experience with various processing/acquisition software packages to expand our experience but sub bottom processing would be of specific interest to me.’

ADUS Deep Ocean

Gabriel Walton, Senior Hydrographic Surveyor

Last week worked out great for me! Paid week on a training course with some great guys and a chance to discuss plans for hydrographic compatibility with new sensors in the market.

I'm totally sold by Hypack. It seems to fit the bill for some of the work we plan to do.

Canals and Rivers Trust

Richard Clarke, Hydrographic Surveyor

The course was very well organised. I particularly liked the evening entertainment as this allowed everyone to get to know each other better and to learn about each other’s surveying experience and how they were using multi-beam.

The content of the course was well thought out and I though was as applicable to beginners as it was to long-term users.

The teachers were excellent but particularly Joe (Hypack) who delivered, what could potentially have been quite a dry subject, with a wit and enthusiasm that made everyone take notice.

The coffee breaks/lunches in the office were well timed and this helped the day flow nicely without being bombarded with too much content in one go.

Videoing the course was a good idea.

Canals and Rivers Trust

Tim Long, Assistant Hydrographic Surveyor

‘The training was the best I’ve been on and that wasn’t just down to the content from the swathe team (where nothing was too much trouble for Ben and Dan).  Lunches were also great!  There were a good mix of experience in the class, which made it easier to learn, and the after school activities where spot on with great food and great beer Great, not forgetting the rather nice Port! 


Matt Hutchings CEnv, Director

‘Having used Hypack for over a year for multibeam surveys I was unsure whether the Swathe service training course would be of value to me.  However, from the start the high level of tuition from the vastly experience Hypack Hydrographer was invaluable.  Joe was able to answer all questions thrown at him and if Hypack was not capable of a particular function they were prepared to consider whether it should be added to future versions.  I pleased to say I learnt something useful every day of the course.  For me the practical benefit was clear when I returned to a multibeam survey that required a quick turnaround and was able to process the data in half the time it had previously taken.  So many thanks to James and the Swathe services team for delivering a course which has already proved very good value for money.’


Some of our clients comments

 "The training given by James Williams and his team at Swathe Services was excellent - the personalised training, adapted for myself and colleagues with little or no background in hydrographic surveying, ensured we learnt quickly and were soon using our own equipment to conduct surveys at sea. A total command of the hardware and software by James, plus a relaxed informal teaching style were major factors in us acquiring the necessary skills to use the GeoSwath system in acquisition and processing. I thoroughly recommend Swathe Services."

Stuart Jenkins, Lecturer
School of Ocean Sciences, University of Bangor

"I had the opportunity to participate in Swathe Services’ week long GeoSwath training in August 2009. Our Instructor was a true master of his craft and the continual support provided after the completion of the training went well above and beyond what we would have expected. I was apprehensive about learning this technology, but now after having collected data of my own, I know that would not have been possible without the aid of Swathe Services."

Nichole Gassien, Hydrographic Surveyor
Alpine Ocean Seismic Survey Inc.

"Swathe Services in Adelaide have been invaluable to our work over the last 12 months.  They have provided expert guidance in setting up and deploying our new Geoswath system. They have also, often on short notice, provided support in field data collection and have processed much of our swath data producing quality end products for our Department and our clients. We look forward to a continued working relationship with Neil and his team into the future."

David Miller
Department of Environment & Natural Resources

"James Williams annually provides swathe bathymetry lectures to BSc and MSc students on Hydrography and Ocean Exploration courses at the University of Plymouth. His practical approach caters for all levels of experience and allows students to gain a valued grounding in how to get the best data from swathe bathymetry systems. These lectures, combined with the supply of survey equipment, field support and software training from Swathe Services, form the basis of assessed field operations and has proven to be excellent year on year. This experience is well received by students, with presentations given by a more than able ‘presenter’, who will go that extra length to ensure that his class achieves the fullest understanding of the subject."

Gwyn Jones, Lecturer in Hydrography
University of Plymouth