BioSonics pioneered the use of hydro-acoustic technology to monitor aquatic resources.
Offering hydro-acoustic solutions for monitoring biological and physical features in virtually any aquatic environment worldwide.

Their hydro-acoustic hardware, software and accessories are field-proven, versatile, and optimised for maximum flexibility, reliability and ease of use.

BioSonics Echo-Sounders

These provide an in-depth understanding of the underwater environment for assessment, research and management.

Predominantly used for fisheries and aquatic management, underwater security and net pen aquaculture.


Products Include

DT-X Automated Fish Counter

This echo sounder enables information gathering for efficient fisheries management as and when you need it.

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DT-X Autonomous Submersible Echo-Sounder

This product enables you to monitor and assess marine mammals, fish, zooplankton, and other aquatic organisms below the surface.

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MX Echo-Sounder

Used for aquatic habitat assessment and mapping. Assessment of submersed aquatic vegetation (SAV) substrate classification – delineate sand, mud, rock bathymetric mapping.

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VisAcq AutoTrack6

This automated, real-time analysis software is used to obtain Instantly usable information for fisheries management.

BioSonics Software

Real-time data acquisition and playback software for BioSonics DT-X and MX Echo-Sounder Systems.

Fisheries Stock Assessment

BioSonics DT-X mobile Echo-Sounders are widely used to determine fish population and sizing distribution in lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and coastal waters.

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