Swathe Services has established itself as a leader in providing Hydrographic support to marine engineers, contractors & survey companies.


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Swathe Services is a group of leading survey support companies providing highly qualified survey personnel and equipment to marine engineers, contractors and surveyors around the world.

With our skilled team of professional and experienced survey personnel Swathe Offshore can provide a top quality solution to your survey needs. In addition to personnel, Swathe Services offers proven high quality survey equipment for rental to support you on any survey. 


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Our personnel page keeps everyone updated with latest available jobs from our reputable clients. 

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Latest News


SBG Systems provides a significant Firmware Update for Apogee and Ekinox Sensors
July, 2016

SBG Systems have recently provided a significant firmware update for their Apogee and Ekinox ranges of inertial motion sensors. This means that users can benefit from a 15% improvement on navigation and orientation data, in addition to a greater level of robustness within harsh environments.

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Swathe Services becomes BeamworX Distributor
July, 2016

Swathe Services has just added a software brand named BeamworX to its range. BeamworX offers two main products. These are AutoClean and AutoPatch. AutoClean is a point cloud cleaning program for bathymetric and LiDAR point data. AutoPatch is a fully automated multi-beam patch test calibration program.

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SBG Systems to offer a Free Two-Year Warranty on all Products!
June, 2016

SBG Systems has announced that they will offer a two-year warranty on all Ellipse products. This warranty is applicable to new and existing customers, which means that existing Ellipse owners will also be able to benefit from the increased warranty period.

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