GISGRO and Swathe Services collaboration enables easier data sharing, leading to smarter working

For over 17 years, Swathe Services has excelled in supporting surveyors, contractors, ports, harbours, dredging and construction companies to achieve the best possible value from their surveys. Swathe Services provide not only high-end technology but also their expertise in consulting and training services. Whether the survey is carried out on land or under water, Swathe Services offers the best tools for the job.

A common problem for many surveyors is how to efficiently share data with their clients to help them utilise it in their everyday operations. GISGRO’s easy-to-use interface, smart tools and online environment ensure that data is available for all, in one place, at one time, enabling everyone involved to work smarter.

Online Platform

Swathe Services have added GISGRO online platform to their product offering, allowing surveyors to increase the value of their service and assist end customers to work smarter and utilise the data effectively.

“We are proud to add GISGRO to our excellent list of products we provide to the marine survey industry. This software will add huge value to high resolution data”, James Williams, Managing Director at Swathe Services said.

“We are excited to have Swathe Services on board with the mission of increasing the utilization of survey data in ports’ operations. Making digitalisation easier is in the interest of both of us, and the surveying expertise of Swathe Services ensures the data put in GISGRO by their clients will be first-class”, Kirsi Hanninen, CEO of VRT Finland added.

To find our more about GISGRO’S easy-to-use interface  email Swathe Services here