SBG Ekinox Navsight demonstrates exceptional performance in trials

Swathe Services has recently added the SBG    Ekinox Navsight to their equipment demo pool.  After extensive trials on manned and unmanned vessels operating under bridges, in harbours and offshore for Hydrographic applications the performance of the Ekinox Inertial Navigation System (INS) has been exceptional.

Small, light and easy to install

Its small compact subsea form factor and weight makes this system light and easy to install with portable sonar systems.  It is ideal for shallow water applications and comes at an amazing price compared to competitive INS manufacturers.


James Williams, Managing Director at Swathe explained ‘Since we became the distributor for SBG Systems we have seen as steady increase in sales across all their product ranges selling into land, air, and marine industries.  The Navsight solution has been specifically designed for Hydrographic applications and is symbiotic with all Sonars offering ethernet or RS232 connectivity.  We now own a number of SBG sensors which we offer out to customers for trial and invite interested parties to contact us.’