Nicola Woodley, a Hydrographic Surveyor from Cornwall,  joins our sister company Unmanned Survey Solutions from the University of Plymouth. Nicola is about to complete her MSc in Hydrography, where she has gained scientific and technological knowledge of hydrography, and experience on the latest methods and equipment used in exploring and managing the seabed.

Using USS Inception Class MKI USV 

Since joining USS, she has already been down to Kent with their survey team. There they conducted a Power Plant Silt Survey using the Unmanned Survey Solutions Inception Class MKI Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) with Single Beam Echo Sounder and CEE-SCOPE technology.

Nicola says: “Unmanned Survey Solutions is a very forward thinking company who are pushing the boundaries of technology. I like the idea of being shore-based rather than offshore, which most Hydrographic Surveyor jobs are now. My interest is in the area of electronics and datasets. I like to gather and process accurate survey data and make sure it is as perfect as possible.”

Nicola joins USS and will be out surveying using the USS Inception Class MKI for customers in Cornwall and the UK.