CEE HydroSystems

CEE HydroSystems are launching two brand new echo-sounder products; the CEE LINE and the CEE LINE SURVEYOR.

Powered by USB

The CEE LINE will connect to a data collector or PC via USB.  It will typically be powered by the USB port.  It will use a quality hydrographic echo-sounder transducer and will provide exceptional shallow water bottom tracking for small-scale “land survey” applications.  These units will substantially outperform existing, old technology pole-mount echo-sounders.

The CEE LINE SURVEYOR will offer the same super-shallow bottom tracking as the CEE LINE.  However, it will also have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an internal battery.  It promises to quickly become established as the most flexible and highest quality pole mounted echo-sounder available.

These new products will be available from Swathe soon.

Please contact James on +44(1872) 275642 if you would like to find out more about these two innovative products.