R2Sonic recently announced that they have updated the firmware, GUI and operations manuals for all R2Sonic multi-beam echo-sounders.

The standard frequency range has been expanded to 170-450kHz on Sonic 2026 systems, in addition to Sonic 2022 and 2024 systems with model 1006 projectors.  Sonic 2022 and 2024 systems with model 1004 projectors and Sonic 2020 systems support a standard frequency range of 200-400kHz.

ROBO mode added feature

A ROBO mode has been added to the GUI.  This can be used for shallow water surveys with a depth of fewer than 40 metres.  This is designed to simplify the sonar operation.  Users will have the opportunity to configure the ROBO mode for their operations or depths.

R2Sonic has also worked to ensure that a 700kHz UHR option is now available for Sonic 2020 systems.  This enables 1 x 1 beam widths.  Similarly, UHR sector coverage is extended to 70, thus increasing swath width.

Sonic 2020 and Sonic 2026 systems now support pitch stabilisation

SIM boxes can now be configured to accept sensor data via ethernet.

R2Sonic 2026

R2Sonic 2026

R2Sonic 2020

R2Sonic 2020        

Steerable/adjustable beamwidth forward-looking sonar is now available for all Sonic 2020 and 2026 systems with the FLS upgrade.  This enables a greater level of versatility with fixed sonar installations and increases control over the imaging area.

Operation manual v6.1, section 5.10.2 provides detailed information on the firmware update procedure.  Here are some handy tips for carrying out the R2Sonic firmware and GUI update:

  • Disable virus checkers and firewalls
  • Connect the SIM box to the computer’s network card and switch off all other network connections
  • Set up the GUI first and then use the new program to perform the remaining updates
  • Update the SIM box first
  • Do not switch the system off if the update does not proceed as expected.  Instead, attempt the update again
  • Contact Swathe Services on info.uk@swathe-services.com or R2Sonic on r2support@r2sonic.com if the second update attempt does not complete.

Please get in touch with Swathe Services if you do not already have access to the link to download the files.

When downloading, you will need to make sure that the zip archive is unblocked before you extract the contents.  This can be done by right-clicking on the zip archive and selecting the properties option.  You should see an unblock button towards the bottom.

Feel free to telephone Swathe Services on +(1872) 275642 if you would like more information about these R2Sonic updates.