HYPACK Training Event, USA

We attended the 26th annual HYPACK Training Event held in Corpus Christi, Texas on 8-11th January 2019. HYPACK suppliers and customers came from all over the globe to participate in the 4-day event and train up on the latest features from HYPACK, HYSWEEP and DREDGEPACK.

Swathe Services Managing Director James Williams attended the event. He said: “It was great to catch up with all our US and European counterparts and network with new and familiar faces. The seminars were fantastic and, I can’t wait to show our customers the new features from HYPACK 2019.”

HYPACK certified trainers and programmers ran the seminars which comprehensively covered Sensor Theory, MBES Data Collection, MBES Data Processing, MBES Patch/Performance. Surveying and HYPACK, SBES Configuring Hardware, SBES Collecting Data, SBES Editing Data, SBES Sounding Selection, Introduction to MBES, HYPACK and Autonomous Vehicles, NEXUS-800, Geodesy and RTK, Ancillary Uses of HYPACK, DREDGEPACK Operation, DREDGEPACK Reporting, Tin Model, Volumes, Final Products, Sub-Bottom Data Collection and Processing.