February, 2016


BioSonics have released a new Visual Habitat 2.0 (VH2)

VH2 is easy-to-learn processing software for the assessment and mapping of aquatic habitat features with data collected using BioSonics DT-X or MX scientific echo-sounders.

Visual Habitat 2.0 is a FREE upgrade for all existing Visual Habitat license holders and includes powerful new map-making tools to easily generate full-colour, interpolated maps with depth contours plus many more exciting new features.

New in VH2:

  • Interpolate data points to form gridded data using the following methods:
  • Triangulated Linear Interpolation
  • Inverse Distance Weighting
  • Ordinary Kriging
  • Export results as KML, shapefile, or image files for use in Google Earth or ArcGIS
  • Map measure tool
  • Adjust the opacity of data points, gridded data and contours
  • Choose projection option UTM, Geographic, or Web Mercator
  • Create full-colour maps with bathymetry contours
  • Choose from Google, Bing, or Open Street Map imagery
  • Define survey region by manually drawing or importing from shapefile
  • Export Bottom Type intermediate results to CSV or MatLab file
  • Automatically compute grid statistics including: area, water volume, min/max/avg. depth.
  • Compute plant area and volume.

Find out more about the latest from BioSonics here.